Ginsai(silvered)Cloisonne Bonbonniere(small candy box)

Product number 856703
Base-price20,000 JPY
Price with tax 22,000 JPY
Size 直径9.6cm/高さ6cm(蓋を含めて)
Specifications (Others)☆New☆ ”Kokyomon‟(green)

This was produced by expressing the Silver Heidatsu pattern design on the back of the Eight-Lobed Mirror Box, kept in the Shosoin Repository. The Shosoin Repository was registered on UNESCO’s world Heritage List as a part of cultural Assets of the Ancient City of NARA in 1998. The center is decorated with a Hōsōge design, and the surrounding phoenixes and arabesques give the overall design a gorgeous and graceful appearance.

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